Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lamination films  
The different kinds of laminating films are Lamination PE Film, Lamination grade film, LDPE sealable film and multilayer lamination film. They are produced uniquely each with its own kind of thickness and finishing. Their advantages are usually portrayed by the kind of application they are used for. 

Lamination PE Film
It is the most luminous of the four mentioned above and has an average amount of durability. It has a soft feel and a smooth finishing. However, it is more susceptible to sustain left over marks from accidental snugging or scratching. It is very inexpensive and can be used with ease in the laminating process. It does not elicit a lot resistance when being cut for shaping or binding purposes, therefore it is very user friendly for the everyday user. It can also absorb color really well therefore it is suitable to be used in covering of reading items such as soft and hard covered books.

Other Kinds of Lamination Films

This is one of the most common kinds of film in the market today. It is not only affordable but people also have a liking towards it due to its long lasting capability. Polyester lamination films unlike Lamination PE films offer resistance to overhead damage due to scratches and snugging. There amount of luminosity is also sufficient although not as glossy as Lamination PE films. The films are often manufactured with skill in such a manner that they easily accept imprints of words through stamping, printing or even attachment of already printed paper with the use of cello tape or glue. The plastic films can also in a way be smooth to handle, nevertheless there are challenges that come along if it runs smooth such as easy bursting and scruffy edges in case you would want to cut the film. 

Other types of specialty laminating films are available 
Apart from the normal clear lamination films produced by other industries, there is also the metallized films whose color appears to be gold or silver or other colors according to your preference that are produced. The films allow for overhead printing since they have a smooth finish and have the ability to accept additional color. There are also colour-shifting laminations films produced that are able to change color depending upon the reflection of light cast upon them. They can be used in graphic designs and art creations.

There is also the multilayered lamination film whose thickness may be suitable for the packaging of heavy products. To enhance the durability of the films it would be advisable to store it away from direct sunlight and if possible in the package that it was bought from.

Where to get the best lamination films
Aalmir Plastic Manufacturing and Supply Industry produce lamination films for all kinds of applications for example, for packaging food or storage of mechanic or automatic machines. The films are high strength and highly durable. They are usually not printed and have a thickness of about 25-250 micron. To get the best lamination films please associate with Aalmir manufacturers.

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